Adjustable Handle - New

Our new handle option allows “adjustability” in the length of the paddle you buy. Our design offers a lightweight mechanism that also keeps water out from the interior of the shaft. It uses a hex screw lock that provides a solid tight fit after adjustment. The paddle is designed so all of the adjustable parts are located in the shaft of the paddle, and not the handle, to maintain a smooth top hand grip.

Paddle length is an important part of mastering paddling technique and power, so it is important to find the correct size. Our adjustable paddle allows you to adjust one inch above and one inch below the size that you purchased to allow flexibility around your desired length. Our new adjustable handle allows you to accommodate to the different paddling styles in dragon boating today, without investing in multiple paddles. Some paddling forms require a longer paddle, while others require a shorter paddle. With our new adjustable paddle, you can tweak the paddle length to match any paddling form!

The adjustable option is available for the Reactor II and Wildfire and accommodates any the Burnwater grips.