Burnwater Paddle Repair Kit

More than often, the risk of having a carbon fiber paddle lies in how susceptible it is to have the blade smashed into by another paddle while on the waters. In regards to that, we at Burnwater are providing a fix to paddles with holes.

Our repair kit is a quick and simple fix to the holes. It comes with a putty that is specially formulated to repair carbon fiber and fiberglass. The amount of putty provided is more than enough to patch up one area of damage. The procedure is as simple as mixing the putty then applying it over the damage.  Within just 20 minutes, your paddle is patched up and ready for the next time you get on the water. We have also provided a video tutorial to guide you along your repair.

To buy our repair kit, simply click on the link below to direct your browser to the repair kit.

https://burnwater.com/products/putty-repair-kit?utm_source=Burnwater&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=Paddle%20Repair%20Blog%20Nov%2009-17Happy Paddling

Video Tutorial