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Burnwater Paddle Halo Core Technology

Our Proprietary process combines four primary technologies -

Combined, these technologies make for a lighter, stronger and more responsive paddle. Burnwater is the only manufacturer in dragon boating to use HALO Core Technology - high strength/low density foam cores giving it unmatchable strength and durability. In addition, our paddles' One Piece Construction fuses both the blade and shaft together in one step; eliminating any weak joins that add extra weight and interrupt power transfer to the blade.

The use of Aerospace Grade Carbon, allows precise control over where and how Burnwater Paddles are reinforced. To seal our position as the top dragon boat paddle manufacturer, we use Laminar Edge - the precision smooth carbon edges is what makes our paddles less likely to chip and provide a clean, splashless entry, and no cavitation.

  • Halo Core Technology - high strength/low density core
  • One Piece Construction
  • Aerospace Grade Carbon
  • Laminar Edge


  • Provides Optimum Power Transfer To The Blade
  • Lighter and Stronger Than two Piece Joints
  • Clean Entry/Splashless Tip
  • Full Comfort Oval/Shafting
  • Lightweight Performance
  • Extreme Durability
  • Precise Control Over Paddle Performance in Race-Day Conditions